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when the weapon is on the motorist. Sometimes they might ask to separate the motorist from the weapon. For example, if the motorist is carrying the weapon in the back of their waistband, they might ask the motorist to lean forward while they, the officer, retrieve the gun and hold on to it during the course of the interaction. says there are three questions to keep in mind after any police shooting. what actually happened? What are the facts, as objective as we can be? What are the facts of that
cheap jerseys china situation? Two, what did the officer actually perceive? Because sometimes officers can make mistakes. They can perceive things that didn happen or they can fail to perceive things that did happen. And
cheap jerseys finally, if the officer perceptions don match the reality of what happened, were the mistakes reasonable? Was it reasonable to think that
cheap jerseys top someone was going for a weapon when, in fact, they weren That will make all the difference, because if the officer mistakes were reasonable, then the use of force is going to be legally

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